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Mermaid Friends Ocean Yoga Mat

Mermaid Friends Ocean Yoga Mat

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Elevate your yoga practice with our Mermaid Friends Ocean Yoga Mat! Dive into the soothing turquoise hues reminiscent of the ocean's embrace, adorned with delicate pink shells that nod to our enchanting Mermaid Friends logo. This custom-printed rubber yoga mat brings a touch of mermaid magic to your workouts, enhancing your balance and stability with its anti-slip rubber bottom. As you flow through poses, feel the gentle support and impact absorption that adds a layer of comfort to every stretch and movement. With edge-to-edge printing capturing the beauty of the sea, let your yoga sessions become an immersive experience, allowing you to channel the grace and strength of mermaids as you find your zen.

- One size: 24″ x 68" (61cm x 173 cm)
- Microfiber suede top
- Rubber bottom
- Edge to edge print
- Lightweight

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