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Mermaid Friends Shelly Flip Flops

Mermaid Friends Shelly Flip Flops

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Step into the world of mermaid-inspired comfort and style with our Mermaid Friends Shelly Flip Flops! Embrace the serene turquoise hues and delicate pink shells that mirror the beauty of our enchanting Mermaid Friends logo, adorning these personalized flip flops. As you slip them on, you'll experience the perfect blend of all-day comfort and unique design. The cushioned footbed offers a plush feel with every step, while the top-tier printing captures the details of the ocean's embrace. Whether you're strolling on the sandy shores or lounging by the pool, these flip flops are your go-to companions for adding a touch of mermaid magic to your summer escapades.

- 5/8" (15 mm) thick EVA sole
- 100% polyester suede sole cover
- Runs true to size
- Black PVC strap
- Multiple sizes

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